The hidden benefits of hiring tech freelancers

4 benefits of hiring tech freelancers you didn’t know about

More companies are turning to freelancers for help with their development project delivery. Why? Cost, availability, flexibility, speed — the list goes on. So if you’re hoping to hire your very first tech freelancer, here are some hidden benefits you can enjoy.

1. Enjoy speedy project delivery 

By enlisting outside help with your projects, you get them done faster. That’s because freelance tech experts are very knowledgeable, having worked on many projects like yours before. They’re well-versed in communicating with clients, and they’ll have a process they like to follow when working on projects like this.

In comparison, when you work with a development agency, they’re usually juggling multiple projects, so yours is either delayed or pushed to the bottom of the pile, making you feel a bit frustrated and unloved.

Booking a tech freelancer’s time means they’ll solely focus on your project.

2. Hiring freelancers is cost-effective

When hiring a freelancer, you make cost savings by not paying health insurance, pension contributions, sick pay etc. But you also make cost savings when it comes to training. The freelancer you hire is already proficient at what they do, they’re bringing fine-tuned skills to your project, there’s no messing about. You hire them, and they deliver the goods, it’s as straightforward as that.

And when your partnership comes to an end? Whether it’s two or three years down the line, you don’t have to give them busy work and waste your budget, you simply stop using them until the next time you need them. 

3. Embark upon a rapid hiring process

It can take hiring managers weeks, even months to find the right recruit. There’s writing the job description, first round of interviews, technical interviews, onboarding. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

When hiring a freelancer, they’re not employees, so although you still have to do things like onboard them and have one-to-one meetings, there’s much less admin to do compared to a permanent employee — they pay their own tax, for example. 

And with approximately 1.57 billion freelancers worldwide, you’re spoilt for choice.

4. Tap into the most up-to-date knowledge

Web development moves fast, with new languages, frameworks and libraries to keep up with — staying on top of it all in-house can be tough, particularly if you have a small technical team. 

Tech freelancers keep themselves up-to-date on development changes, so you don’t have to. From new web dev framework features to creative problem-solving — the tech freelance community is a tight one. Freelance web devs get together on platforms like GitHub, Hackernoon, Reddit, StackOverflow and more to ask questions and share knowledge.

Best of all, they’ll share their knowledge with you, knowledge that stays inside your company long after they’re gone. 

And don’t forget, freelancers are specialists in their area, which means they’ll have a deeper knowledge of subject matters than an in-house generalist. Find your perfect freelance match here.


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Dec 2022 - 3 min read

Katharina Höll

Katharina Höll

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