Freelancing Women In Tech: Patricia

Patricia, an amazing IT professional with a scientific approach to data science

Patricia comes from a mathematics and statistics background. As a result, she has a scientific approach to data science. She is deeply passionate about technology and data and believes in its immense potential to help us find patterns and deep truths, in a way be a guide for the human, when used wisely. On the other hand, she is also very interested in mindfulness practices and consciousness studies. She sees herself as a bridge between the inner world of human experiences and the outer material world and believes that through innovative technology and data we will be able to unify these two realms.

Ever since her time as a student, Patricia was always convinced that it will be the science and tech industry that holds the potential for great discoveries, breakthroughs, and innovation. That is the reason why she chose a career in the IT industry. In a short interview with us, she shares some insights on her passion, experience, and inspiration:

Why freelancing?

“I have always valued independence, freedom, and growth. In freelancing, I see the advantage of being an entrepreneur. You decide and manage your time, finances, projects, and clients based on your interests and priorities. It is a fast-paced and changing environment, meeting new people, working on new projects, and facing new challenges is what keeps me energized.”

What do you love the most about your job?

“That it gives me the ability to get into a real state of flow”

Have you been confronted with gender prejudices?

“As one of few women, sometimes the only one in a project, I have experienced challenges but it only reinforced me to stay in this more male-dominated field. However, I believe it is not just about the gender, but about the energy in tech teams and type of person attracted to tech, which can sometimes seem to appear less engaging. I believe it is important to raise awareness of gender prejudices, bring more diversity in tech teams and encourage a workspace that values independent, driven but also empathetic and mindful techies, and therefore create a safe space for women and men in tech.“

Do you have any advice for other women who want to start a career in the IT industry?

Follow your curiosity and passion. Believe in yourself and do not shrink and pretend to be less than you are.

Do you have any role models to follow?

"Mo Gawdat is a true inspiration for me who turned his hardships into his strength and commitment to help others. As an entrepreneur and engineer Mo became the CBO of the moonshot factory Google X, where he led and implemented the most disruptive technologies. After being confronted with some personal challenges, he decided to bounce back and fulfill his personal mission to make one billion people happy."

Last but not least, can you share your personal motto with us?

“Remind yourself daily of how little we know and that the only constant is change. When you find comfort in the unknown, go inwards and remember that your only mission is to be true to yourself. Follow your inner voice, trust in it, breathe through the challenges, and keep going. When you rise you will help other people rise.”

At expertlead we are proud to share the success stories of our women freelancers in IT, hoping it will be an inspiration to those still trying to find their way. We look forward to hearing more about other female professionals and their stories, we strongly believe in supporting them in their careers as IT professionals.

You're a female Tech Freelancer and would like to be featured as well? We'd love to hear from you!

Jan 2021 - 2 min read

Prof. Tamara Pawluk

Prof. Tamara Pawluk

Tamara is a professor in Intercultural Business Management and is finishing her PhD Thesis on Diversity Best Business Practices. She gained her practical experience as Talent Manager for IT Professionals at Accenture. In her role as the Head of Freelancer Management at expertlead Tamara is using her combined 11 years of university teaching and practical experience to support our freelancers in their career in the best possible way.

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