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An interview with Laura: Innovation at the center

Laura is the founder and consultant of Studio Landschek. She focuses on innovation, providing her clients with core support in developing new business concepts for products and services, using innovative methods such as design thinking, design sprints, or agile leadership tools. In co-creation with her clients, she develops customer-centered, innovative solutions that do not necessarily have to be digital or technical but usually require digital applications at the latest during implementation. She also co-founded a training academy for innovations methods called ''.


What do you like the most about your job?

I love to be my own boss, being responsible for my decisions and my actions. I experience a higher level of motivation, drive, and also discipline by taking responsibility and not executing someone else's instructions. The best part of my job is that I have no routines and there are always new challenges to face. I also feel that I have grown personally during this time, as customers and also colleagues are 100% looked after by me. There is no organization you can hide behind. 

Why did you decide to get into the Tech industry?

For me, this direction happened as a result of my interest in innovation consulting. I came from classical consulting and chose this path because innovative consulting approaches could react faster to the demands of dynamic markets. Somehow every topic revolved around digitalization and this is how I came to be close to tech products.

Have you encountered any gender prejudices in your career?

No, not really. There is no place in my life for gender-related issues. I do not give any room for such topics. I firmly believe in strengths in terms of both content and personality. It does not matter which gender someone is or I am. But that is also one of the advantages of my self-employment.

Do you have any role models that you follow?

No. I don't like that. There are many interesting people outside we can learn from – male as well as female.

Are you a member of any community that stresses the role of women in tech?

Well, I am in a Meetup group for female founders and I was part of the Women in Tech program at Websummit a few years ago. Apart from that, it is very important for me to maintain my own professional network.

Do you have any advice for other women who want to start a career in Tech?

Yes, the same as I would give women in any other industry: never stop asking, listening, and learning, be confident, and support each other. This also applies to men, by the way.

Any last thoughts or personal motto that you would like to share with us?

Staying authentic, that's less stressful and saves energy.

We are proud that Laura is part of our community and thank her for contributing!

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